Professional Dental Care


Pet dental health is just as important as your own! Think about how often you see a dentist and brush your teeth. Dental health is a frequently overlooked aspect to an animal’s overall health plan. Left untreated, plaque and tartar build up yield periodontal disease which can lead to far more serious risks to your pet’s heart, lungs, kidneys and liver. At Stoney Pointe Pet Hospital we check the mouth, teeth, and gums with every exam.

Regular teeth cleanings are also a part of a comprehensive health plan for your pet. Owners are often concerned about the bad breath and tartar buildup on their pet’s teeth but more importantly, these cleanings serve to prevent the spread of infections and gingivitis. A professional prophylaxis (or teeth cleaning) at our hospital will help to ensure healthy teeth and gums.

We are well skilled and equipped to offer complete dental care to include: cleanings, x-rays, and extractions.

Between professional cleanings, home dental care is the key to maintaining a healthy mouth. Typical signs of dental abnormalities to be on the lookout for at home are: pain, loose or broken teeth, swelling or bleeding of the gums, tumors, abnormally bad breath or drooling. Many home care dental products are available through Stoney Pointe Pet Hospital. Ask a veterinary technician about home dental care and the proper way to brush your pet’s teeth at home.

*Remember that only specially formulated pet toothpaste should be used!*

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