National Dental Health Month

Dental Health      February marks National Pet Dental Health Month so it is an appropriate time to discuss dental hygiene in your special canine and feline friends.  While most people know the importance of brushing their own teeth daily, it is not as universally accepted in their pets.  Preventive care is very important in pets as periodontal disease is one of the most commonly reported problems by veterinarians.  Neglect of the mouth can lead to bad breath, and infections in the mouth that are left untreated can become a much more serious problem for the furry members of your family!

Routine physical exams for your pet, recommended every 6 months, gives the veterinarian a chance to check for anything abnormal in your pets mouth.  It is then up to you to maintain oral hygiene by brushing the pet’s teeth on a daily basis.  Not every pet is going to be enthusiastic about having their teeth brushed at first, but most pets can be taught to at least tolerate the process.  Watch for an article devoted to the process of  brushing your pet’s teeth.

Some pets are just not going to tolerate brushing but still deserve a mouth free from dental disease.  There are other maintenance options for pets that are adverse to brushing.  Dental chews, fluoride treatments, water supplements and special diets are all ways to help keep a pet’s mouth healthy!  Please ask us at your next appointment what would work best for your pet.

Preventive care can include a dental cleaning.  This is a procedure done under general anesthesia.  The teeth are scaled to remove plague, polished to prevent plaque accumulation and treated with fluoride to strengthen the teeth.  If dental disease is present, it may be necessary to extract teeth as part of the procedure. Stoney Pointe Pet Hospital is encouraging oral hygiene in the month of February by offering discounts on services and products related to dental health. Please call to make an appointment and lock in special pricing for February.

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