Stoney Pointe Pet Hospital maintains a stocked pharmacy of veterinary specific medications and products. If your pet requires medication for heart disease, intestinal problems, skin disorders, arthritis, or most any other common problems, we can conveniently fill their prescription here. Our pharmacy also maintains a supply of prescription diets, heartworm prevention, and the best flea and tick treatments. The products we offer are carefully selected to ensure that they are of the highest quality and medically proven to be safe and effective.

Be A.W.A.R.E.

Many online pet medication retailers have been opening up in recent years. Some of these companies are fronts for illegal businesses that sell counterfeit, outdated, mislabeled, incorrectly formulated, or improperly made or stored products. The FDA has stepped in and created an awareness campaign to protect the health of your pets. For more information go to the FDA page on Internet Pharmacies.

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