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The below listed companies and products are ones which we feel may be of use to many of our clients. We have done business with them in the past and have received positive feedback from our clients about them.


CareCredit is a low monthly payment program to help you accept the best treatment recommendations for your pets. They offer some no interest payment plans if paid within the promotional period and low monthly payments.


A HomeAgain microchip gives your pet the best chance for a safe homecoming. The microchip is implanted under you pet’s skin in a simple procedure which we perform right here at Stoney Pointe. To learn more about how this product works and the registration process, check out our microchipping page or stop by our office for a brochure.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin premium dog and cat foods offer a wide variety of healthy diets for all stages of your pet’s life. The innovations they have made to pet foods is making animals healthier inside and out. We have had tremendous positive feedback about this product since we began offering it here at Stoney Pointe a few years ago.

Hidden Pet Fence

Hidden Pet Fence of NY offers more pet friendly procedures than other pet containment systems in the industry and their owner, Ralph Rizzo, is a nationally known dog trainer that uses a revolutionary certified training procedure called gentle-positive reinforcement training. If you have been considering pet containment options or are dissatisfied with a previous system, please check them out.

Canine Specialties

Canine Specialties offers behavioral canine management services through the use of many different training methods for all ages and behaviors. Talk to Master Trainer and Animal Behaviorist John Finegan to find out how he can help you get your dog out of the doghouse!

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