2016 Heartworm Clinics

This year’s heartworm clinics will be held on March 19th and April 16th. With only a few drops of blood we are able to screen your dog for Heartworm disease (mosquito), Lyme disease (tick), Ehrlichia (tick), and Anaplasmosis (tick). There will be a $5.00 savings off the cost of the test and if you purchase a 12 month supply of prevention you will receive a 10% savings off of the medication.

There are a few different kinds of prevention options available to you and your pet:

Proheart-An injectale medication given by a qualified staff member that provides protection for 6 months!

Heartgard-A flavored beef chewable tablet given monthly.

TriHeart-A flavored chewable tablet given monthly.

Revolution-A topical monthly prevention.

Please call us at (585) 594-2222 to discuss which prevention would be best for you and your pet and also to schedule an appointment!

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