Tips for brushing your pet’s teeth!

Brushing your pet’s teeth is an important part of their overall health.  It can prevent the need for a dental cleaning and prevent serious infections from affecting important organs like the heart and kidneys.  For the best results, daily brushing is recommended with a pet friendly tooth paste that does not contain fluoride.   We carry several toothpastes and styles of toothbrushes.  Here are some tips to teaching your pet to tolerate brushing:

  1. Start slow.  Because the toothpastes are enzymatic, just licking it off your finger will be an important first step.  Follow this with lots of praise and a nice tasting snack.
  2. After several days of tasting the toothpaste, the next step is to use your finger to start rubbing the paste along the teeth focusing on the gum line.
  3. Then, you can apply the paste to a slightly abrasive material, such as a gauze square or piece of woman’s nylon stocking.  This can then be rubbed on the teeth using a circular motion.
  4. Eventually, you should brush the teeth using a toothbrush or finger brush depending on which works best for you and your pet.

Remember, making this a happy daily event will create a habit that you and your pet can enjoy together.  It will lead to a healthier pet and hopefully result in less non-routine veterinary care.  Be patient and have fun!  Call Stoney Pointe Pet Hospital with any questions or concerns!

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